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Lightbox Gallery

Lightbox Gallery for Concrete5 displays a thumbnail grid of images that open to a full screen slide show. The slide show can be configured to be full screen within the browser of fill the entire screen.

Easily adjust thumbnail sizes and options when you install the block on any page. Multiple instances of the block can be used on the same page.

When adding Lightbox to your Concrete5 website, you can use Image Files from File Sets, or select Files from the File Manager.

When Image Source "Use File Set" is visible check the boxes for the File Sets you want included in your gallery. Your selections will be added under "Selected" on the right side, you can drag and drop the file sets to put them in the order you want them displayed in the Slide Show.

You can further arrange the order of Files in each File Set in the C5 File Sets Dashboard Page.

To include Captions on the Slide Show, select an option from the drop down list.

When Image Source is "Select Files" click the "Add Entry" button for each file you want to add to the Gallery and select a file from the File Manager with the Image Picker.

Files can be drag and dropped into the order you want them to display in the Slide Show.

If you want Captions, either type in a caption for each file or select a File Property from the drop down list.

Thumbnail Images are automatically generated. Undet the "Thumbnail" tab you can configure the size of the images you want displayed.

Checking"Thumbnail Crop" when image height and width are set to the same dimension will create square images from your originals.

You can adjust the margin around your thumbnails.

Under the "Options" tab, Block Title is optional text that will display above the Thumbnail Grid.

Block Class is an optional field that adds a class to the thumbnail and pop up window wrappers to allow styling of individual instances of the block.

Select if you want Thumbnail or Dot indicators on the Slide Show.

Adjust size of Thumbnail Indicators.

Adjust Interval Delay between slides changing in milliseconds.

Adjust Transition Speed in milliseconds.

Check Slide Show Options, hover on label for more info.


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