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Vimeo PopUp

A great companion to our popular Image PopUp, now pop up Vimeo Videos with our easy to use, sleek, modern, responsive solution for displaying video on your Concrete5 website.

It is easy to add PopUp Vimeo videos to your web site. First go to Vimeoand find the video you will be using. Below the video to the right you will see a Share button. Click on that.

A box will pop up, copy the Link URL that is displayed, you will need to paste that into the form when you add the Vimeo Popup block to your website.

Now add the block to a page on your websire.

Block Class is an optional field that adds a class to the thumbnail and pop up window wrappers to allow styling to individual instances of the block.

Paste the Vimeo Share URL that you copied from the video you are using.

When the Auto Play box is checked the video will begin playing when it pops up.

Fade Duration adjusts the PopUp action

Choose the type of link you want to activate the PopUp.

  • Vimeo Thumbnail - If a thumbnail is available from Vimeo it will be used as the thumbnail link.
  • Thumbnail - Select an image from the File manager to use as the popup link.
  • Text Link - Enter text that will be displayed as the link to activate a popup.
  • CSS Selector can be a class or id on a link anywhere on the page. Inclue a . for classes, # for ID's.
  • On Page load is the ever so annoying PopUp when the page is loaded by the browser.

When Show caption on Popup is checked you can enter text that will be displayed below the video popup window.


PopUp with Vimeo Thumbnail

Vimeo Thumbnail not available or share URL is invalid.

CSS Link

This is a Content Block with a link that initiates the PopUp. Assign a CSS Class or ID to a link anywhere on the page with a Youtube PopUp Bock configured to link with CSS Element.

Thumbnail from File Manager


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