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Bootstrap Buttons

A quick easy way to add Bootstrap style buttons to your Concrete5 website. Buttons are installed as individual blocks, can be linked to pages or external URLs and will pick up the styling defined in your theme or use Bootstrap defaults. It's great for adding buttons to sidebars, headers and footers, or anywhere you need a button.

Add the Button Block to any page.

Optional Class - A class name added to the block for added styling abilities.

Text - Text displayed in the button.

Link Type - Select from a C5 page or external URL.

Button Type - Select from seven Bootstrap button styles.

Button Size - Select from four Bootstrap button sizes

Button Position - Select to inherit position from parent container or Center, Float Left or Float Right.

Force Active - Force button to be displayed with the active styling.

Dissable Button - Button will be inactive and displayed greyed out.

Buttons are available in the in the seven Bootstrap styles, Default, Primary, Success, Info, Warning, Danger and Link.

Sizes Default, Large, Small and X-Small can be selected.

For more info on Bootstrap Buttons visit GetBootstrap.com


Float Left

Float Right